WillagePeople.com was established as a site where those that have offer assistance to those that don’t. Providers (the haves) offer folks (have nots) special deals, advice, and even services.

Our focus, in today’s trying times, is offering businesses clientele that may, in the past, reluctantly visit because of a misconception. A misconception founded on the premise that they would be ignored or turned away due to their appearance, financial situation, or by virtue of a businesses’ posture.

As we all know, businesses are there to make a profit. Some looking to get the most money for their products or services. However, there are business owners that value loyalty, and diversity over dollars spent.

As one may express; what’s more valuable to a business, having one customer that comes in once and spends a huge amount of money, or having several people coming in often, spending smaller amounts? Moreover, will a business benefit more by a more diverse customer base or with a select type of clientele?

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